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Homecare Solutions

Meet the Team!

We are proud to introduce you to the passionate individuals behind Homecare Solutions. 

Emma Satow Senior mental health support worker
Emma Satow Senior mental health support worker

Meet Emma

Emma is our esteemed senior mental health support worker, whose journey with us began in an unexpected role within our cleaning team. Under the mentorship of Jill, Emma transitioned into the multifaceted role of a support worker swiftly adapting to the dynamic demands of providing support and empowerment to our clients in the community. Emma’s dedication to her role is evident in her academic achievements, holding an NVQ level 3 in Health and Social care, along with a plethora of related qualifications. Her passion for her job is unmatched, consistently engaging in relevant training to enhance her skills as a support worker.

In her leisure time, Emma’s love for the outdoors shines through, whether it’s spending quality time with her family, painting, drawing, enjoying holidays, or walking her beloved dog Spud, Emma embraces life with open arms. Her talent in painting is not just a personal hobby; Emma generously shares this gift with our clients, guiding them to explore their creativity and produce remarkable artwork. Beyond her professional and personal interests, Emma is a fervent advocate for the environment and wildlife. As an active member of wildlife groups, she plays a significant role in safeguarding the natural beauty and diverse wildlife of north Devon. Emma’s multifaceted contributions truly make her an invaluable member of our team.

Jill Dennington-Green BSc (Hons) Owner & Senior Healthcare Practitioner

Meet Jill

The dynamic co – founder and co- director of Homecare Solutions, who, alongside her husband Richard, brings compassion and expertise to the forefront of home healthcare. Jill has a commendable 28 years of experience as a senior healthcare practitioner in the community.

Jill’s academic and professional credentials are as impressive as her commitment to care. Jill is not only degree level trained with a plethora of related qualifications but also a fully qualified health and social care trainer and assessor up to level 5. 

Specialising in dementia care, mental health and illness at home, Jill’s dedication extends beyond providing excellent care and support to those living independently; she is also the driving force behind the day to day operations of the business.

When not revolutionising home care or managing business affairs, Jill finds joy in quality family time and taking leisurely walks with the companies very own security guard- their dog.

Jill’s multifaceted role and expertise make her an invaluable asset to Homecare Solutions and the communities she serves.

Richard Green - Owner, Electrician & Handy Man
Richard Green - Owner, Electrician & Handy Man

Meet Richard

The dynamic co-founder and co-director of Homecare Solutions, a venture that emerged from a genuine desire to serve the local communities need for reliable tradesmen. Richard is not just the brain behind the operation; he’s also the hands-on expert who brings a wealth of expertise to every job. Whether its electrical issues, property maintenance or general handyman tasks, Richard is your go- to- professional. His broad knowledge base and willingness to assist with any project around the home and garden make him an invaluable asset. Beyond his practical skills, Richard ensures peace of mind for all his clients by being fully qualified, insured and enhanced DBS checked. When you call on Richard, you’re just not getting a service; you’re gaining a trustworthy partner in maintaining and enhancing your home.