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Dementia Care

North Devon Dementia Caring Specialist

Dementia Care

Dementia Care in the Community

At some point individuals with a diagnosis of dementia will require support to ensure they wish to remain in their own home. Some may feel safe in new familiar surroundings. Dementia can be very challenging for families to face, so it’s important to have someone who can answer your questions, provide professional care and support so they can still have an active and fulfilled life.

All the care we provide is one-to-one so rest assured you will only have one dedicated carer. It can be worrying and upsetting when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia; therefore it is important to have the correct care in place.

All the care we provide is tailored around the individual and person-centered care. This ensures you and your loved one can continue to make choices whilst being in the comfort of your own home and surroundings. Being within their own home and surroundings is stimulating and a comfort to individuals with a diagnosis of dementia. It allows daily routines to remain the same.


Using dolls in dementia care (doll therapy)

lifelike dolls or soft toy animals can have great benefits for some people with dementia, particularly in the later stages. they can promote feelings of relaxation and pleasure, and are considered a form of therapy – not merely ‘playing’ with a toy.

ask about our dementia doll.

Temporary Care

Temporary care can be provided after hospital discharge, until permanent care is in place or while you recover from surgery or illness. Please call for more details.

Other activities:

  • Dementia activities and reminiscence exercises

  • Life history work using old photographs in a scrapbook

  • Singing, which can reduce anxiety & challenging behavior.

  • Mobility & Exercise

  • Memory lane

  • Memory boxes tailored to the individual

  • Arts & Craft projects to reduce anxiety

  • Doll animal therapy.

Alongside this care we also provide respite care if you need a break, whether you need to run errands, have a night away or just a few hours relief. We are available to sit with your loved one while you have a peace of mind and your loved one is being cared for and supported.